Peter christman, an icon of the exit planning industry has come out of retirement to make sure every business owner gets an exit plan!


Exit Planning is one of the most important and impactful things a business owner can do to protect themselves  and their businesses…


Peter Christman, an icon of the exit planning industry, has come out of retirement to make sure every business owner gets an exit plan because they are human.


I know this…

You know this…


But convincing your prospects and clients – that’s another story.

No business owner wants to think about the end of the road — which makes exit planning assignments extremely difficult to close.

Here are some of the great tools, features and benefits you will be getting to close exit planning business:

  • A turnkey, complete presentation on exit planning for your clients and prospects.
  • You can put them on in a virtual or in person setting.
  • This program can be customized with your company literature, videos and other firm media.
  • You will be getting an unlimited supply of my book “The Master Plan” to distribute to your exit planning prospects.
  • You will get MAUS’s Attractiveness and Company Readiness (hard copy version) to analyze your prospects as you see fit in discovery meetings.
  • Your program will have my videos and Peter Hickey’s too.
  • These videos will help you educate your prospects on exit and master planning.
  • You will get scheduled monthly mentoring from me in Mastermind group session.
  • This program provides a ready made marketing and lead generation system for you.
  • I want you to be successful, you will have access to my hand holding and coaching.
  • You will get instant credibility if you put me on your website as an associate or as part of your Advisory Board.
  • Why not put me on a call with your client or prospect and let me help you convert?  All subscribers can add on this service at a small additional cost.
  • My Legacy depends on your success!


More features and benefits will be made available as we move the program along …. just stay tuned!




Total Kit Cost $995

I’m Peter Christman — and I’m here to help…

Here’s my plan for you…


You host a live or virtual customized workshop for 5-10 of your business owner prospects.



During that workshop, you host a conversation with them centering on a series of materials I’ve recorded for you.  Each video walks your prospects through the key elements of creating their own transition plan, including:


  • Maximizing the value of the business
  • Getting organized from an estate, tax and financial perspective
  • Creating a life plan to enjoy their future.

I’ll be with you every step of the way via video, helping you demonstrate how you can help them build a solid exit plan with your “customized pack” personal, business analysis and materials.



At the end of the conversation, you give them a copy of my book The Master Plan, to educate them on creating their own exit plan.



Finally, you make a follow-up appointment with them so you can close the deal!

I developed the exit planning industry after years of working in investment banking.  My job was to sell companies for the greatest value, but at the time, people only thought about exit planning after the transition had already occurred.

Talk about backwards! 

So, I turned things around and developed the industry to be what it is today.  I’ve been selling exit planning to business owners for over 20 years.  Now, I’m ramping up my efforts even more.

This isn’t just a nice retirement project for me…  It’s a mission!

The truth is…I’m dying.

I got the news from my doctor at my last appointment.  I’ve got just a year or two left to live.  There’s nothing I can do about it, nothing else to try.

But I’m not dead yet…

And I want to spend my last days making life better for as many people as possible.  That’s why I’m coming to you…

The more clients you close on exit planning, the closer I get to achieving my mission.


That’s why I’ve created The Christman Pack.


Distilled from 20+ years in the exit planning industry.  It’s the easiest and most effective way to close those tough exit planning assignments and make sure that you’re giving your clients the risk management they so desperately need.

The truth is, if I could go out there and get every business owner in the world to get a good exit plan in place, I would!  But my capacity is limited — and I’m not going to be around forever…

This is the next best thing.

Think of it like having me by your side, walking your prospects through this process and then helping you close the deal.

Again, I’m providing customizable resources that walk you through every single step, so it’s just like you have me working on your advisory Board  alongside you to close.

This mission and pack will only involve an investment of $995.

Start by signing up below.  I know you will get great results and significantly increase the revenue of your practice.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  And that’s what I want.

Because the truth is, there’s nothing more important!

We’re all committed to mitigating risks in business — volatility, operational risk, compliance – they’re all top of mind!

But it’s easy to forget about the one risk factor we all face: the human risk.

No one thinks about it until it’s too late.  But it’s absolutely possible to mitigate it, with a good plan.

You and I are uniquely positioned to help people mitigate the biggest risk they face.  So please – join me in this mission!

Life is here today.  Let’s help people make the most of it!



Total Kit Cost $995

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