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Peter’s Message:

I focus on helping two business groups:

  • Business Advisors
  • Privately held business owners

I spend my time with advisors in working with their clients and prospects on exit planning assignments.  As founder of the Exit Planning Institute and exit planning, I have spent close to 60  years helping business owners plan effective (and profitable) exit strategies!

I work with business owners on their many issues of strategic planning in an effort to maximize their business value, getting them organized from an estate, tax, and financial point of view, plus helping them to develop some kind of “life plan” to live after any liquidity event.  I call these the three legs of the business stool for owners to reach the pinnacle of success.

Why do I think I am successful in helping advisors and owners?

How does 60 years of business success sound?

I started my career working for Lee Iacocca at Ford Motor Co when we launched the Mustang and helped dealers perform and make great profits in the 60’s.

Then I spent the remainder of my corporate life as an executive manager with Xerox corporation motivating people to overachieve for a real first-class company.

After 17 years as a corporate executive, I launched my career in investment banking working with successful privately held companies whose values ranged from 4 million to 150 million.  I was proud to be involved in over 200 transactions including working for the world largest company valuator and seller of privately held companies.

I have signed both sides of the check during my career.

Now I want to spend my remaining time in making advisors and business owners successful in achieving their goals and objectives.

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We’ll Help You Successfully Plan Your Best Exit Strategy.

  • Exit Planning Benefits for Business Owners
  • How to Get a Privately Held Business Ready for Sale or Other Business Transfers
  • How to Sell a Privately Held Company
  • Why Business Advisors Should Know and Understand Exit Planning for Business Owners
  • Why Business Owners Must Have a Business Mentor or Coach In Their Life
  • Responsibilities of Signing the Front Side of Checks

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